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Wardhainfo.com is not just the site for Wardha it is a project for us . Wardhainfo.com was brought into existence after a lot of struggle and hard work by all four of us . The information we made available was not easy to get as few beginning site developers had created a wrong impression in the minds of few institutions .
The main reason to bring Wardhainfo.com was not only to bring our city in front of the world but also to excel Wardha in today's IT world . Wardhainfo.com has many facilities of its own e.g. E-Mail , E-Cards,Chat,Mobile Messaging etc.
This site is created by four of us . Our introduction is as follows :

1> Viraj Vyawahare ( DISM , Web Programming )

2> Sawan Patel ( Elec. Engineer , Web Programming )

3> Timir Patel ( DISM , Web Programming )

4> Mahesh Morey ( Mech. Engineer , Web Programming )


For contact info & more information please refer contact us .

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