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Following are the Important Places One Should Visit in Wardha

  1. Sewagram Ashram
  2. Pavnar Ashram
  3. Shanti Stup
  4. Gitai Mandir
  5. Bor Dharan
  6. Laxminarayan Temple
  7. Sukli ( Hanuman Mandir )
  8. Mahakali Dam
  9. Bhugaon ( Balaji Mandir )
  10. Maganwadi


Following Are The Spots to be visited outside Wardha


Historical city, Educational and Industrial center, Vice capital of Maharashtra. Yearly Conference of Maharashtra Legislative assembly held here. Importance center for National Highway major roads and airways.

Tourists Places:- 

  • Ambazari Lake.
  • TelangKhedi Park & Lake.
  • Buddha Diksha bhumi.
  • Gandhi Sagar.
  • Seminerry Hills.

Near by places:-

  1. Buttibori : - Largest Industrial area in Asia.
  2. Pench National Park : - Ta. Ramtek spreaded inthe area of 257 Sq. Km.
  3. Koradi : - Thermal Power Station.
  4. Khaperkheda : - Thermal Power Station.
  5. Khindsi : - Large Lake, Availability of Water Scooter, Tents are available for halting


                      This Hill station is a Religious place for the Hindus as lakhs of people visit this place to pay their homage to Lord Shiva on Shivratri and Nagpanchmi. As a trekker's place Pachmarhi is the Trekkers Paradise and has no equivalent for it has the great vistas of hilly tracks to track on.

                      Pachmarhi is a large plateau ringed by hills on the ever green central Satpura Ranges. The Altitude is 1065 meters from the sea level the climate is pleasant in comparison to other hill stations of the Himalayan ranges where chilly winds or cold rains usually mar the moods.

                      The maximum temperature in the summer seldom touches 40 Degree celcius and though this temperature is fairly high yet air always remains cool and pleasant. In winter the mercury falls to 2 Degree Celcius, that too in the last week of December other wise fluctuates between 3-7 Degree celcius. This is the place known for its rainfall as it usually crosses 75" Combine with a foreign temperature.

                       This was glimpse of the queen of Satpuda and when you arrive here you can stay at the hotels being run by Tourists Department ,and private sectors.
                        If you are fond of Trekking ,you can enjoy the grandeur of Nature more while walking on foot than riding a Jeep. If you are a  couple you can even hire a Scooter.

How to Reach Pachmarhi:
                   By Road:- Pachmarhi is connected from Bhopal, Nagpur, Indoor, Hoshangabad, by road. Taxis are also     available at these places.
                   By Air :-The nearest Air port is Bhopal .Bhopal is connected from Delhi ,Gwalior, Indoor, Raipur,& Jabalpur  
                   By Rail : -Pachmarhi is only 54 Km from Pipariya, which is the Railway Station on the Bombay-Howrah route vai   ITARSI .               
What to see in Pachmarhi:
Jata Shankar Pandav-Caves Mahadeo Gupt Mahadeo
Dhoopgarh(Sunsetpoint) Chauragarh Apsara Vihar Rock Painting
Reechgarh Rajendragiri Church Duchess Fall
Ramya kund Pachmarhi Hill Satpuda National Park Bee-Fall


Location:- Chikhaldara is one of the major hill station in Maharashtra. It is situated in the ranges of Satpuda in Amravati district of Maharashtra.

                     It is situated at a height of 1118 meters from sea level. Bhima one of the Pandav killed 'Kichak' and threw him in one of the valley, thus the place was called as Kichakdara and from it Chikhaldara. Chikhaldara is only the producer of coffee in Maharashtra.

Places of attraction:-                   

  • Jawaharlal Nehru Park
  • Gawilghar fort
  • Adivasi Museum
  • Semadova lake
  • Narnala fort

Nearby Places:-

Tiger project

Dhakane-kolkaj Sanctuary:-Wild life sanctuary, famous for Tiger, spread in the region of sipna and Dolar rivers, and is also famous for Rockydove fishing.
                          279 km from Nagpur and 270 from Wardha.

Distance of Chikhaldara from:-
Wardha:- 220 km
Nagpur:- 225 km
Amravati:- 110 km
Akola:- 150 km
Mumbai:- 763 km

Tadoba (Chandrapur)

Tadoba National Park (Ta- Bhadravati): -

                        Tiger, Deer, Gava, Chinkara, NeelGai, Crocodile etc. are seen here the park spreads in the area of 197 Sq. Km. and various Vehicles are available to travel through the park.
                        government Rest house is available for halting.

Distances from :-
Chandrapur : 45 Km.
Nagpur : 137 Km                
Mumbai : 995 Km
Wardha : 180 Km


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