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     Objects of the Society.


     Gandhiji, on his release from jail in 1934, settled in Maganwadi at Wardha, which became his headquarters. He later shifted to Sewagram in 1936. Late Ganshyamdasji Birla built a guest house for the guests of  Gandhiji who came to Sewagram. Gandhiji, however, started a small hospital for mother and children and named it Kasturba Hospital, in the memory of Kasturba Gandhi, in 1944. Dr Sushila Nayar, who had accompanied Gandhiji in the jail had imbibed Gandhian ideals, was entrusted with the task of preparing able para medical workers to assist dedicated doctors in delivering primary health care to the rural folk. This hospital grew in stature and till 1964 it was being managed by Gandhi Smarak Nidhi. It was at this stage deemed necessary to form a Trust and hand over the management of the  Hospital to this trust. Thus in September 1964  Kasturba Health Society was constituted and  registered as a Society under  Societies Registration Act, 1860 and as a Trust and  Bombay  Public  Trust Act, 1950. Gandhi Smarak Nidhi endowed  Rs 10 Lakhs and the interest accrued is sent to Kasturba  Health Society as a grant which forms a source of income to Kasturba Health Society.

                    Even after  Independence through top priority to achieve the goal of health care to all at their doorstep was given by the Central and State Governments this remain as a goal  only as  all the  medical graduates either remained in the urban areas or went abroad. Late Prime Minister, Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri, gave serious thought to this matter and instructed Dr. Sushila Nayar, who was then the Union Minister, to open one Medical Collage in a rural area of each state so that Medical Graduates enamating from such a rural Medical Collage will get better training to serve the rural masses. the choice for opening the rural Medical Collage thus fell on Sewagram where Gandhiji  lived and fought his final battle of freedom. Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences  was thus born in 1969 as a Gandhi Centenary Project.

Objects of the Society.

                      The objects of the Society are inculcating healthy habits and eradication of diseases in India by adoption  of all necessary preventive, promotive and curative measures. The funds, properties, assets and all other resources present and future are to be exclusively  used for the purpose laid down by the Society as under :

  •   Conduct and promote at the existing Kasturba Hospital and at other places as may be decided from time 6to time by the Society, Activities for inculcating health habit amongst the people and  eradication of diseases by adopting all possible measures including health education, health insurance  schemes, curative and preventive medical work, proper nutrition, provision of modern as well as other systems of medicine at a very reasonable cost,  provision of protected water supply, and sanitation, research in the role of nutrition impreventive medicine and promotion of environmental health, and for research in reducing the cost of primary health care, to grow medicinal herbs, food grains, vegetables, fruits and trees and run a dairy farm on scientific lines for promotion of community health.
  •  Co-operation and co-ordination with all individuals and institutions in India as well as in other countries which have the of similar objects.
  •  Training personal for carrying out one or more objects and activities of the society and also other official or non official organisation.
  •  Establishment and / or maintainence of / or grants to organisations, hospital and health centers and / or institution caring out any of the afosarde objects as an when necessary and ficible.
  •  Promote or assist in the promotion of any other items of Gandhian consturctive work in the interest of physical, mental and social health of the people.

 Affiliate  with a National or International Association or organisation or accept affiliation of any organisation or institution working along Gandhian ideology in the interest of realising its objectives.                                                                                           


  1. Late Dr.Sushila Nayar, President               Kasturba Health Society Sewagram !
  2. Shri Dhirubhai Mehta, Vice President
  3. Dr.Manmohan Singh
  4. Smt M. Choudhary
  5. Shri Devendra Kumar
  6. Dr. J.M.Dave
  7. Shri.S.G.Bapat
  8. Dr.K.V.Desikan
  9. Dr.M.L.Kothari
  10. Dr.B.S.Choubey
  11. Dr.G.M.Taori
  12. Dr.A.B.Vaidya
  13. Dr.N.N.Wig
  14. Dr.J.L.Gupta
  15. Secretry to Government of India , Ministry of Health & FW
  16. Director General of Health Services, Government of India
  17. Secretary to Government of Maharastra, Medical Education & Drugs
  18. Director of Medical Education & Research, Government of Maharastra
  19. President, Zilla Parishad, Wardha
  20. Secretary, Gandhi Smark Nidhi, New Delhi
  21. Smt. Kamala Desikan Secretary

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